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In certain configurations, Unchecky will blindly interact with processes. As for example, interacting with one AntiVirus interface is not really needed. Due to HIPS component, Unchecky is unable to interact with the interface anyway and it will log this action in the AntiVirus which is quite frustrating.
Besides that, an exception feature makes totally sense.
Agree. I have a Panda Free Antivirus, which comes with a behavioral blocker, so at times when I'm installing risking programs they both pop-up and counsel each other out or both conflict with each other. This is why it would be good to integrate a whitelist, a.k.a an excluded process section.
I can confirm that Panda Free Antivirus has compatibility issues with Unchecky and with Baidu Free Antivirus.
poweriso 6.3 not detected
Comodo needs this feature. +1
Another idea would be to have a company white-list feature based on file digital signature.
isn't it "bad programming"? Normally it shouldn't act like that with every process. I remember there was a similar problem with Process Explorer from Microsoft which requested memory access and was blocked for obvious reasons by HIPS.

Are there plans to add a whitelist anytime, Devs? In my opinion this will be very beneficial to the end user; options are good.