Add support for Live Soft Action installers (LopeSoft)

Anonymous 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 3
I came across an installer that has a cluster of offers Unchecky misses before actually downloading and executing an msi for the product in question. The downloader is available here. (LopeSoft FileMenu Tools)

I had some trouble identifying the company behind the actual installer. It doesn't look like something LopeSoft themselves designed.

I noticed that it downloads the msi to a temporary folder. A more efficientway of bypassing the downloader/installer could be something like the following:

  1. Detect a downloader / installer of this type.
  2. Determine the URL the downloader intends on using by examining the EXE. (hopefully this is possible)
  3. Terminate the installer / downloader (possibly notifying the user.)
  4. Download the MSI / installer directly.
  5. Execute the downloaded file under the same user account the downloader was initially executed as.
This process may also work for downloaders like the CNET downloader.

Alternatively, a browser extension may be able to redirect the download to the actual installer instead of the downloader. I'm not sure how possible this is.
The installer is an AppScion installer. It seems to be related to GetNow.
AppScion is a part of the SIEN Group. Their Installers are signed by iminent technology srl, which points to http://www.iminent.com/


Where have I seen this before?
Some LinkedIn snooping shows their employees are based out of Romania. Why does that not surprise me?