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Detection of DivX Plus is going to be added in the next version, but only for English.
Unchecky decides what to uncheck based on filters, and I can't make them for French as I don't know the language.
If you're willing to help me with this, please contact me.
I don't think it's a good idea.
All yes-no message boxes have their yes button on the left, and their no button on their right.
People are used to it, and I think changing it will be only confusing.
Thank you for the valuable information.
And thanks for StartIsBack!
I've recently started using it after several months of trying Metro UI.
Баг закрыл.
С пандорой я разобрался, а бара у меня нету.
Когда получится воспроизвести (может быть когда вы бинарник зальете), открою.
Pandora service should be removed by Unchecky v0.1.4.
I'll look at yandex.bar.