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I've looked at it, specifically the FileZilla Sourceforge installer.

The two buttons are equal, i.e. the Accept button is not flagged as "the default button" the way it's usually done in Windows.

The installer is just programmed this way: you click space/enter, and the offer is accepted.

The best thing Unchecky can do here is warn on an Enter/Space click, but that's harder to maintain between various installers than mouse clicks.

So for now, I'm not going to do anything about it.

You can look at it this way: if you're using your mouse, Unchecky warns you. If you're using the keyboard, Unchecky assumes you know what you're doing.

У меня 3.6 ничего не предлагает. 3.7 предлагает мусор от ask, который блокируется

Может у вас бинарник другой? Залейте, посмотрю.

I do not understand Japanese. And the bug author probably doesn't, too.
Please write in English.

У вас как-то совсем по другому выглядит установка.

У меня она выглядит вот так:

Можете свою залить, чтобы я посмотрел?

Я проверял последнюю версию, 3.7, поэтому Яндекса у меня не было.
Посмотрю на досуге, что там.

Pandora service should be removed by Unchecky v0.1.4.

I'll look at


I can't say, as I'm not familiar with the singing procedure. I'll have to find out what it takes to sign a program.

Any information about it is welcome.

I can see the Pandora stuff, but I didn't see

Can you post a screenshot?