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Thank you for the feedback. Support will be added in the next version of Unchecky.

Thank you for the detailed report. Support will be added in the next version of Unchecky.

I have created an MSI installer which wraps the original setup executable. You can get it here:

Please note:

  • I don't have a Windows domain, so I couldn't verify that remote installation works. I'll appreciate your feedback about whether it works.
  • The source code of the MSI wrapper can be found here:

There's no log file. If you're using a proxy, you need to configure WinHTTP to use the same proxy, so that Unchecky will be able to use it. See the answer here for more details:

Let us know if it solves your problem.

Поддержка последней версии μTorrent была добавлена в Unchecky v1.1.

Unchecky uses accessibility to be able to detect and uncheck offers which appear in Firefox. Unfortunately, we didn't find another way which doesn't use accessibility, and doesn't involve an add-on (which has to be approved by the user).

Since Unchecky v1.1, you can exclude specific programs from Unchecky, so if that's important for you, you can exclude Firefox. But note that in that case, Unchecky won't be able to uncheck offers which appear on websites displayed in Firefox.

The detection was removed in Unchecky v1.1, and the issues were fixed. Thanks again for the detailed report!