nVidia Driver install / update - unaffected by UnChecky

Eric T. 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

Dear Sirs,

Further to PC-Mag's suggestions, I installed yesterday your highly praised UnChecky utility.

Today, I updated the nVidia video-card drivers from a downloaded copy of the Installer, while having your utility actively running in the background.

To my surprise, at the point during the installation sequence at which I was supposed to select which drivers to actually update, ALL checkboxes were CHECKED (which, incidentally, was what I would have selected myself)!

Again, no harm was done, but was UnChecky not supposed to actually UNCHECK all checkboxes and have me check them as needed & requested?

Your insight on the matter will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your attention to this matter,

Keep safe,


Unchecky will not uncheck all checkboxes. Just those which do things you dont want to happen.. like installing toolbars etc. there is probably a list somewhere with all whitelisted / blacklisted applications that are allowed to have things in their installers.. 

Thanks for the input,

While I may relate to UnChecky having a White/Black-list database, I have installed quite a few other pieces of software since, some of which offered to install not just features but also supplementary software packs (not even of their own make) and UnChecky remained suspiciously silent all the time!

For one of these I submitted a separate inquiry on this Forum (which is still to be answered ...).

A couple of days ago I installed the Open Source DB Browser for SQLite which attempted to also install a certain Search utility from another maker (utility that I had no intention of installing and which I did not allowed to be installed), and UnChecky, while active in the background, didn't intervene either.

Personally, I find this kind of odd ...

Any further insight into the matter will be appreciated.

Thanks again,