AVG free update changes to trial version of full product

Anonymous 5 years ago updated 3 years ago 2
When installing update for AVG Free, there is an option to change to the full version. This is marked as the default. Any chance Unchecky can capture and rectify that?

Oh man, AVG now not only makes it hard to not upgrade to the full version, they've gotten really aggressive lately by putting nag screens in the product itself that can easily be clicked to upgrade. If you can't get past the install screen without installing something new, abandon all hope of keeping your computer clean once you install it!

I'm not sure if that falls within Unchecky's scope though. It's one thing to install a totally different program that's free; it's another to install a paid or trial program that requires a credit card number. Although it would be nice if Unchecky could keep us from even heading down that path, it's unlikely the program would be installed without your notice...unless your brain is just totally disengaged, and you blindly hand out your credit card number to anyone. Nope, still thinking that's not Unchecky's job to prevent that, but I still feel sorry for that poor soul.