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In Brazil, we need some help with this download manager

Serfalas 6 years ago updated by Unchecky 6 years ago 1
Hi, I'm writing from Brazil. Your software is awesome. We need some help with this download manager: http://ultradownloads.com.br/download/Spark-Brows... (just click in "Clique para baixar") or the direct link: http://ultradownloads.com.br/redirect/2,1126878.ht...

I'm spreading th word here:


Thanks and bye!
Under review

Thanks for spreading the word.
We are constantly improving Unchecky.

As part of our improvements, we want to add support for Portuguese installers.
We are looking for a fluent Portuguese speaker with an understanding in the world of downloaders and installers.

Do you know of someone who can help us out?

Thanks in advance.