FormatFactory v3.8.0.0 (Good software with Evil installer). Installation Explained.

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Ordered description of installation

(1) Acceptance of EULA of the original software. (OK)

Image 207

(2) [UnCheky Needed]

Installation of Chromium and setting of Yahoo as default search engine and homepage:

Concealed and sneaky way to dismiss...

Image 208

[3] [UnCheky Needed]

Disable unwanted aditional software:

Image 209

[4] APPARENTLY, the official installer process.

Image 210

[5] LYING Window of Instalation Completed:

Image 211

[6] [UnCheky Needed]

Try to make you intall a needless (I left this under your more experienced consideration) extra software, 'Picosmos Picture Tools':

Image 212

[7] Clicking 'Next' ends the installation WITHOUT Bloatware.

(Added): Even doing this. the installation leave some .lnk direct acess files associated to the UNINSTALLED software Picosmos Picture Tools in the OS. Apart from that, the only software installed is FortmatFactory and nothing else.


* Website of FormatFactory: http://www.pcfreetime.com/:

* Download Offline Version Link: http://www.pcfreetime.com/download/FFSetup3.8.0.0.exe

They have an Online Installer, that probably includes the same, or more, needless stuff, but I didn't tested it.

Hope you can include it and add it to your DB to help others.

Thanks for the program!