Unchecky 2.1.6 on Windows XP Service Error

MrWolf-to 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 11
I've just upgrade to Unchecky 2.1.6: on Windows XP, I always get a Service error message.


Should be fixed in v0.3.2.
Under review
Could you please provide the exact error message, and/or a screenshot of the error?
I get this message (in Italian):

which says that an error occurred in Unchechy Service and that the application will be closed.
If I click on more information, I get this:

Hope it's clear.
Thanks. That's what I meant, but unfortunately those screenshots don't provide enough information about the failure.
Could you please send me a crash dump?
You can use the ProcDump utility:

Launching procdump unchecky_svc should do the job.
Ok, sorry, for the late delay, now I've found the time try.
Here's the dump file: http://www.tusfiles.net/73crjdefkdu1
Unfortunately this crash dump doesn't contain the relevant information.
Please try the following:
  • Wait until you see the crash message.
  • Run procdump -mp -e unchecky_svc.exe.
  • Click on "Debug" on the crash message.
Thanks, and sorry for not getting it right the first time.
Ok, tried again. Hope this times works. ;)
Don't worry, thanks to you for helping.
P.S. I've just tried in another computer of mine and this time I'm getting one of those "the memory cannot be written errors". :/
Yes, that's what I need :)
Please try the following version, which should fix the issue:

If all works well, I'll release a new version with the fix.
Ok, I've just tried and it doesn't me any problem. :)
Can you tell me if it's something related to my configuration? Because I tried with a fresh intallation of Windows XP (on a virtual machine) and that version 2.1.6 didn't give me any problem.
Many thanks again!
Great :)
The bug was related to networking. When did you see the error message?
I could eventually reproduce it by launching, and then shutting down the service.
Should be fixed in v0.3.2.
Hi! Well, the bug appeared just when I installed 2.1.6 and every time I re-installed it.
Now, it works well. :)
Thanks again!