FileFactory Downloader

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Can you please give more info regarding it?
Any file you download from http://www.filefactory.com/ is bundled with this, unless you uncheck a checkbox on the website.
For a start, I'll warn when accepting offers with this downloader.
Later on, when Unchecky will be able to handle websites, I will uncheck the checkbox there, too.
FIlefactory.com is doing now a dirty game with free users.
If someone upload more than one file, example:10 parts of rar file than the free user just can download 8 of them, the other 2 files, if the free user click on them, they just see the message " server load to hight, go pro with file factory premium " Free user must wait and wait.
It means that these 8 downloaded files are useless.
So, please don't upload anything on filefactory.com but choose so many other servers with nice service, nice people and good for the free user too.