false positive - Aslain Mod pack installer for World of Warships

Anonymous 4 years ago 0

Aslain make a mod pack for the World of Warship [WoWS] game. (Aslain WoWS mod pack download from http://aslain.com/index.php?/forum/28-downloads/)

The recommended and default install option is "clean install", but Unchecky blocks that and chooses "normal install". "normal install" is recommend for advanced users and can problems with the game.

To the best of my knowledge there should be no reason for Unchecky to block the default selection of "clean install".

If possible, can you check the Aslain WoWS mod pack installer and if there is no problem with it, change Unchecky to allow the default "clean install" option.

Thank you for reading this :)