autoinstall with autoit pb with version 1.01

Anonymous 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 1

I have an GUI install (based on Autoit Language) and it installed unchecky 0.3.8 with silent install command line (... -install -path ... -no_desktop_icon ). It was pretty good but with version 1.01 my pb is that the unchecky installer (unchecky.exe) is executed (like before) but no result, just ...nothing (terminated normally but no result/install/icon/process). My GUI continue normally.

My program was not changed , just the executable unchecky.exe replaced by new version (stocked in same place than the old version).

I scanned the install processus i don't understand the pb. Have you changed the type of install ?

insert an "anti" auto install ?

ok i respond to me. I think in 1.01 the default path is %programfilesx86%\unchecky.

In 0.3.8 version the "-path" option with %programfilesx86%\unchecky used (ie : unchecky.exe -install -path

%programfilesx86%\unchecky -no_desktop_icon) is ok ( because there is no "default path verif" ?)

In 1.01 version , the same command line generates an error (in fact, no action) because, i think, the install code don't accept the path argument with the same folder install than the default install.

The solution is just to use the command line : unchecky.exe -install -no_desktop_icon

so obvious but not so ... for me !!!