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Bundled offer "TrueKey by Intel Security" not detected and not unchAecked in Adobe Flash download

Anonymous 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 4
Under review

I could not reproduce the issue. Below is a video of how it works on our machine.

Please note that Edge is not supported at this time. Perhaps that's what you were using. Please let us know if that's not the case.

Adobe today, 14/10/16, installed McAfee Security Scan Plus and Intel True Key on my Win 7 laptop without warning. Seems Adobe has got a work around for UnChecky.

Can you please tell us which browser you're using? We will try to reproduce the issue.

I'm original poster. (just figured out this is how to reply to your comments


It may be the way I run Firefox current (security level: paranoid).
I run these extensions I suspect MAY affect uncheky: NoScript, Adblock Plus, Disconnect,

I also run these extensions. All-in-One Gestures, BehindTheOverlay, F.B. Purity, LastPass, Print Edit, Print Preview

Button, Re-Pagination, TinEye, Trendless FB, WOT and Xmarks

Don't know if this tells you anything.