Cannot delete this program. It is affecting Chrome and other related software

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Thats why Microsoft included a function called "Uninstall a program".
You should try that out!
Unchecky can be easily removed from the control panel.
Here's a short tutorial that will help you achieve that:

Please let us know if you still don't manage to uninstall.
I had to use Revo Uninstaller to get rid of it. 
Revo Uninstaller is the complicated way.. I don't understand why so many "Anonymous" "people" are to stupid to just simply goto the control panel from windows and uninstall programms. If that not works, then everybody know's they have to go to the unchecky installation folder and double-click "uninstall.exe" like every other application.
** EVIL UNCHECKY! It try's to uncheck adware and hijacker checkboxes, to keep the computer clean. UNCHECKY IS EVIL! **