I have never seen Unchecky work before.

Anonymous 3 years ago 0

Hello. I have had Unchecky installed on my computer after being recommended by a malware removal expert suggested it to me. However, I have never gotten any reports of it unchecking any boxes or otherwise blocking PUPs on any downloads I have made. I thought that maybe the programs I had been downloading were all legitimate and had no third party software they wanted to bundle it with. However, today I enlisted another malware removal expert to help check my computer for any encrypted files after my antivirus blocked Cerber, he said no files were encrypted but did apparently find some PUPs lying around, which we cleaned out with FRST and AdwCleaner. I was just wondering if perhaps Unchecky is just being buggy for me, and if I should try to uninstall and reinstall it. Any opinions? Thanks.