AVG Anti-Virus Free

glennfromiowa 7 years ago updated 6 years ago 2

Technically, this isn’t an install screen, as I had already installed (then upgraded) AVG Free, but AVG prompted me that it needed to reboot to upgrade. When Windows 10 came back up, this prompt was on the screen.


I'm not sure what version of AVG was installed before I rebooted (I originally installed v. 16.6 but probably upgraded in between); however, after the reboot, it is v. 17.5.3021. Here's a link to the current install program. I do have a copy of the v. 16.6 installer also.

Unfortunately, the info tool gave an error:  https://unchecky.com/info_tool?1499730220_fcI1ZQi9ZL8dNOrB

I’m guessing you might not be able to correct this, but it was quite tricky, and there’s no exit button, so if someone didn’t think to uncheck the boxes before clicking Continue, they could easily be fooled into installing Chrome (which I'm avoiding, at this point).

Sorry, I don't think that screenshot came through on the last post:

I had an issue with AVG, so I uninstalled it, and then reinstalled the latest version, 18.08.4084.0, of AVG AntiVirus Free from https://www.avg.com/download. This is a fresh install, and it prompted me to install Google Chrome as seen here:

Here is the report from the Unchecky Info Tool. Please look into having Unchecky act on this checkbox also.