FileZilla installer with McAfee WebAdvisor + Opera

KoalaBear 7 years ago updated by Binnette 7 years ago 3

The FileZilla installer is not detected. The checkboxes for McAfee WebAdvisor and Opera will remain on, no warning messages given. Thanks in advance.



Yep, filezilla tried to install avast and something else for me


FileZilla Client wanted to install two PUPs on my PC.

Unchecky Info Tool has problems uploading the reports:

"curl_easy_perform() failed: Couldn't connect to server", maybe because of the proxy.

I've saved the reports as .txt files. If they would help i can post them here or mail them.

Edit: Using Unchecky v1.1


This is FileZilla Client 3.28.0 Setup : https://download.filezilla-project.org/client/FileZilla_3.28.0_win64-setup_bundled.exe

Here are reports from info_tool :

Screenshots :

Thanks Unchecky for their EXCELLENT software !