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Can't View Flash Player Page With Unchecky Enabled?

Anonymous 3 years ago updated 2 years ago 4


When I visit this page with Unchecky enabled in Firefox it does not render properly:


However, if I disable Unchecky and try again the page loads fine.

I am using Unchecky 1.1, Firefox 58.0 and Windows 7.

In addition, when I tested the same link with Opera the page renders but software offers are left checked.


I have the same problem.  Using Firefox 58.0 (64-bit) with Windows 7 and Unchecky v1.1  I can't get onto the adobe flash player update page.  It keeps redirecting me to a google search page, and when I looked at all of the text that is in the address bar of this new google search page, it says something about Unchecky a few times.