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Update: closing, as I have nothing to do with it without having a link to the installer.

Screenshot doesn't seem to be related to Softkumir.ru. I need a link for the software to make Unchecky support it.
Does the installer use Chinese traditional or simplified?
Can I use 工具栏 in a filter? Does it always mean "toolbar"? Can it appear in normal checkboxes?

For now, I'll just filter the whole strings.
Here's what you can do:
Open your hosts file, copy the entries of Unchecky, disable hosts file rules in Unchecky (in advanced settings), and then add those entries manually.
What do 3 and 4 mean?
In general, I need Chinese filters in order to make Unchecky handle it.
For example, I need to know how is the word "toolbar" written in Chinese.
If you're willing to help, please contact me.
Works as expected for me and for another tester. Please leave a comment if you experience a different behavior.
Unchecky shows a warning for me.