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Looks like it's fixed.
I have fixed that FP it will no longer be detected as malicious. Thanks!
Первую галочку Unchecky снимает. Вторая галочка доступна только тогда, когда первая галочка установлена, а значит без первой не имеет эффекта.
Detection was added, and it will be available in the next version.
Thanks for reporting it!
У Adobe галочка находится на сайте. На данный момент Unchecky не поддерживает снятие галочек с сайтов.
Unchecky is designed to always warn when choosing a typical installation, because lots of installers are installing potentially unwanted programs together with it, without further notices. Perhaps QuickTime doesn't do this, but Unchecky doesn't have a way to assure it. Also, it might start doing it in the future.