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I've just updated the FAQ with the relevant information:
Спасибо за позитивный отзыв, рад что программа Вам понравилась!
Hi James, 
The correct solution for this would be whitelisting Unchecky so that the antivirus will allow Unchecky to modify the hosts file. Unfortunately, some antiviruses don't allow this kind of whitelisting (e.g. there was a similar discussion here).
Being their costumer, I think it would be best for you to contact them and ask whether such a whitelisting feature exists.
Спасибо за позитивный отзыв.
Поддержка установщика AIMP 3.60 будет добавлена в следующей версии.
Thank you for the report.
I've just tried Unchecky on Windows XP, and it works as expected.
Could you provide more details, e.g. when does the crash happens? Did it happen only once, or does it happen all the time? Is there a way to reproduce the issue?
Thank you for the report.
The issue will be fixed in the next version.