Not a bug

Problem with network monitoring tools

Anonymous 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 6
I see "tracking.opencandy..." in simple network monitoring tools such as Process Hacker -> Network tab when actual IP is Zeroed IP is reversed to first domain in hosts file which currently is "opencandy" added by Unchecky.
Simple solution to this problem will be adding one line:
on top of the list.

Under review
I'm not familiar with this rule. Can you point me to a document that says that implies the first address of the hosts file?
I know that is used in many other hosts file rules. Are you sure it's not an issue of Process Hacker?
There is no "rule". Process Hacker is simply executing reverse dns search, and what it found is first rule added by Unchecky in hosts file. If you write " asdf" it will show "asdf", so why not write
This looks like an issue of Process Hacker. Are you familiar with another program which behaves this way?
Yes there is another program here from the sysinternals suite: