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More info on activity log

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Need more info on activity log on what offers where declined on installer name rather than just saying on how many offers declined on each installer.

Резка с файлообмкенников.

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Здравствуйте. А возможно ли сделать блокировку от галочек у файлообменнков типа Летибит, Турбобит. Я имею ввиду чтобы нечаянно не прихватывать скачивание с ихних "фирменных" закачников. Ну вы поняли о чём речь. Спасибо!

Бэту уберите

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Бэту уберите


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Спасибо за предложение. Дубликат:



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Unchecky shows a warning when I try to agree to the windows eula that WinToFlash displays after completion of some steps from the "Windows Setup Transfer Wizard".
(To get there, open WinToFlash -> Click "Windows Setup Transfer Wizard" -> Click Next -> Choose ISO or folder and USB Device -> Click Next (You will see a window like shown in the picture.))
During the first startup wizard of WinToFlash, Unchecky also reject some offers, but it looks like that is correctly!

Image 108
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Fixed in Unchecky v0.4.

Не убралась галочка

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Image 504


это очень хорошая программа !

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почему программу невозможно удалить?

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объясните, как удалить unchecky.


Unchecky didnt have my back

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nigga im just here chilling installing ifunbox when nibba i nearly fucking installed bytefence like bruh i thought unchecky was my nigger but no he didnt protec me

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Support for iFunbox was added in Unchecky v1.1.


Fix ManyCam Installer

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Image 83

Unchecky does not uncheck the checkmarks for changing the default homepages and search engines in the ManyCam Installer.

Download link for ManyCam Installer
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Support for ManyCam was added in v0.4.2.



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I want to recommend you a great program I've stumbled upon recently.
It's called Unchecky and it helps prevent potentially unwanted programs from being installed on your computer.
For example, it prevented 2 potentially unwanted programs while installing the following program: Java Setup.
You can get it here:

Take care.