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Support for languages other than English and Russian is incomplete

RaMMicHaeL 5 years ago • updated 9 months ago 16
Unchecky is largely based on filters.
I speak both English and Russian, so I maintain filters for those languages, but it's problematic for me to support other languages, and I need your help.
If you're willing to help and maintain filters for your language, please contact me.


Current status:
English, Russian - Good support.
Polish, French, Estonian - Partial support.
RaMMicHaeL, странно, что говоря на русском ты так и не заделал русский интерфейс сайта unchecky.com.
Русский сегмент интернета не самый маленький, хотя до того же Китая ему как до луны.
Да, надо сделать, да никак руки не доходят.
Если есть желание помочь, буду очень благодарен.
Вроде как наваял. Если что не так, то поправить оно всегда быстрей, чем с нуля писать.
Current status:
English, Russian - Good support.
Polish, French, Estonian - Partial support.
Hello, 1) I found a micro-misspelling in Unchecky v0.2.15 beta, German translation on Home: When service is stopped, you got a dialog button (Resume service) "Dienst forrtsetzen", that's one r too much, correct is "fortsetzen". 
2) When updating Java plugin for Mozilla Firefox, Unchecky didtn't react on the offered Ask-Toolbar (bad enough Java comes with this at all). Apart from that I like this tool, very helpful if user is half asleep sometimes. Greetings from Andie/Germany
I can help with korean
If you want, I might help a little bit with Dutch.
I could translate it to Swedish! Send it to kablammo.uncheckymailnull.com
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Adobe Reader update notification page always opens with the McAfee Security Scan Plus box checked - Unchecky does not catch it!
A big improvement to Unchecky would be to add support for blocking Chinese adware. Adware in Chinese is extremely common, but sadly I can't help because I can't read Chinese.

Translation Russia is no complete an entire section of the program.

If you'd like to contribute to the translation, you can find the necessary files here:



Here are french labels :

  1. Programmes exclus :
  2. Ajouter...
  3. Supprimer

Thanks unchecky !

Goodness gracious me!