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Filezilla (partially Source Forge) installer bug

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Source Forge installer provides some unwanted software that isn't correctly unchecked and could be ignored by simply clicking the disagree button.
(unchecky unchecks not even all checkboxes)

After that (in the filezilla setup itself, which doesn't include any unwanted software) unchecky checks the radio button to make new settings instead of downgrading to previous ones (which is the default), this dialog is only there when you have filezilla installed already
and if you click: you want to downgrade, then unchecky warns you that you are installing unwanted software which is wrong...

Pls fix this ;)
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Thanks for the feedback.
Could you please send me a relevant installer and a print screen of what was left unchecked?
This will help us add the relevant support.

Thanks a lot
Hi, I thought I'd say I have the same issue with the same thing. I have provided a screen dump of the window in question and a link to the installer
The link in question is on https://filezilla-project.org/download.php?type=client

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