Missing German Translation

Anonymous 6 years ago updated by Unchecky 6 years ago 4
Some german translation's are missing in Unchecky 0.3.2.

Here a my translation suggestions:
EN = Don't display the notification area icon
DE = Das Symbol im Infobereich nicht anzeigen

EN = Activity log
DE = Aktivitätsprotokoll

EN = Below is the activity log of Unchecky. You can see what installers it encountered, how many offers were declined, and how many warning were shown.
DE = Unterhalb befindet sich das Aktivitätsprotokoll von Unchecky. Du kannst sehen welche Installationsroutinen angetroffen wurden, wie viele Angebote abgelehnt und wie viele Warnungen angezeigt wurden.

EN = Date and Time | Installer Name | Offers Declined | Warnings Displayed
DE = Datum und Uhrzeit | Installationsroutinen-Name | Abgelehnte Angebote | Angezeigte Warnungen

EN = Did Unchecky help you to avoid potentially unwanted programs? Tell about it to your friends and family. Share Now!
DE = Hat dir Unchecky dabei geholfen, potenziell ungewollte Software zu vermeiden? Erzähle es deinen Freunden und deiner Famile. Teile es ihnen jetzt mit!

EN = Email client
DE = Email Anwendung

I hope the translations are all correctly.

Greetings from Germany :)


The translation was added, thanks!
Under review
Thank you very much for the translation.
As specified in the FAQ of Unchecky, the translations of Unchecky can be found on GitHub. Specifically, the German translation can be found here.
It would be easier for both of us if you could edit those files instead.
A pull request with your changes was created:

Note that there are more text strings to be translated. Feel free to fill the gaps :)
The translation was added, thanks!