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Anonymous 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 4
http://www.paperfile.net/index.html have nasty installer with multiple "on top" windows
Unchecky shows a warning.
Please leave a reply if you're seeing a different offer which Unchecky cannot handle.

I see no warning.
First window is "Search the web with porpoise" with Decline and Agree buttons, then new window with
"Installing Please Check this offer while your software is being installed" with license and Decline/Agree buttons and after that third window with "RegClean Pro" ad, and again Decline/Agree.

The warning should show up when you try to click on "Agree".
Please upload a screenshot (you can paste it here directly).
Ohhh noo! I always click on "Decline" :)
Works like expected when I try to click on "Agree".
Sorry for taking your time.