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Is there anyone ?

who looks at what we write?

What's that thing?

because every time I try to connect, I come across this thing ... or I can not do anything ...

... every time I want to chat, I have to go through the password reset (anyway, I'm almost obliged to, because he tells me three quarters of the time that my password is not good! and I re-initialize, with the same, lol)

Good luck, Unchecky is starting to force ... since it does not work!

  ... and we finally start to know the programs where we have to take care of the maj itself ... without going through automation logs

In short ... just to say that for CCleaner, well it does not work!

And no answer here is OUT Unchecky ... we know how to get away without !!!




When using the link (bottom right) in Ccleaner, it directs to this link

then you have to click down on No Tanks, which is heading towards 

click on download. And we get a link at FileHippo

And in this case, when installing Ccleaner, Unchecky does not work, to uncheck the box for Avast.
Maybe because I use FileHippo in general ?  

The best for Ccleaner is to go through the official website of Piriform  (the download is done automatically)

When Ccleaner is installed, Unchecky works and clears the box

About Avast and the purchase of Ccleaner. The contact is established. it shows that they will not do anything to remove the Avast check box in Ccleaner. This is not worthy of a major provider of Antivirus. Who should know that only one antivirus is used on his machine! but it's like that.