when an individual wants to get out and rid of your product, allow them without hinhereing them at every move.

Anonym 10 år siden opdateret af Unchecky 9 år siden 8
It will not uninstall.  This is acting just like a virus!
nobody caress.. again
What error are you getting?

Uninstall via "Add or remove programs"
I was able to uninstall mine without problems.

Try putting up a screenshot so we could see what is going wrong on your side.
Under vurdering
Unchecky can be easily removed from the control panel.
Here's a short tutorial that will help you achieve that:

Please let us know if you still don't manage to uninstall.

Please also send us a screenshot and we can assist you with the problem.

Thank you and Best regards
At first I was getting a message that said file couldnt be found. now Ive got one saying " file exists". but no way to uninstall. I am using control panel uninstall programs
This sounds like misunderstanding - like user is reporting difficulty removing spyware/malware which did/did not have tick box which checky did not untick. Checky is an easy uninstall.. His problem lies elsewhere.

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