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I can confirm this issue with Windows 7 X64
Which offer? Could you provide screenshot? I just tested it out and did not get any new offers.
Which Unchecky version are you running? I got 2 offer pages and both were unchecked by latest Unchecky.
Could you provide download link (random?) so I could check this out/create logs for RaMMicHaeL
I did not get any offers. Could you post a screenshot/download link?

That really depends on the installation type as well. Mostly these toolbars/offers are blocked, but there can be exceptions when they are presented to the user in a abnormal way. If you can do a little "digging", you can send me the installers or report them here so I can check them out and prepare reports on the ones that Unchecky is missing.

All in all, users should be pretty much protected against these adware offers.
It was changes to be longer because people tend to click on things that are larger. It used to be shorter (and Proceed longer), which wasn't quite right...

Left/right is arguable, I prefer right.
Tried, no adware offered.