Log of blocked/unchecked events

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In main GUI we can only see the number of unchecked events.
It would be nice to make that number a link that would open new log window.
In the log, there could be date, time and application listed.
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Thanks for the feedback, guys!
An activity log was added in Unchecky v0.3.

License Unchecky under a free and open source license.

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I'd love to see this software licensed under some free license like GPL v3, having anyone be able to look at the source code, modify and share it as they wish would definitely increase this project's credibility.


Add option to ignore certain processes

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In certain configurations, Unchecky will blindly interact with processes. As for example, interacting with one AntiVirus interface is not really needed. Due to HIPS component, Unchecky is unable to interact with the interface anyway and it will log this action in the AntiVirus which is quite frustrating.
Besides that, an exception feature makes totally sense.
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The option is available in Unchecky v1.1.


Under review

Support for languages other than English and Russian is incomplete

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Unchecky is largely based on filters.
I speak both English and Russian, so I maintain filters for those languages, but it's problematic for me to support other languages, and I need your help.
If you're willing to help and maintain filters for your language, please contact me.
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Current status:
English, Russian - Good support.
Polish, French, Estonian - Partial support.

GPO Deployable MSI

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I would love to be able to get a ready built MSI for mass deployment of Unchecky in the offices I run via Windows Group Policy.  My company would even make a donation to the project for this feature.
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I have created an MSI installer which wraps the original setup executable. You can get it here:


Please note:

  • I don't have a Windows domain, so I couldn't verify that remote installation works. I'll appreciate your feedback about whether it works.
  • The source code of the MSI wrapper can be found here: https://github.com/Unchecky/wix-wrapper

"крашится" explorer

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при работающей программе:

при выгруженной программе:

т.е. при выборе "свойства" ярлыка, файла и т.д. получаем зачерненное окно, при проходе мышкой над этой областью подсвечивается тем, что под областью. Пока снес.
Win 8.1 64
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Спасибо всем за предоставленную информацию!
Проблема исправлена в версии v0.3.9.
Если все еще есть проблемы, дайте нам знать в комментариях.

Unchecky's installer cannot be downloaded from the official webpage. It says 404 file not found.

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Is there an update coming soon?

Unchecky 10 місяців тому

The issue was resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Unchecky для Comodo Internet Security

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Добавьте, пожалуйста, снятие галочек в Comodo Internet Security. В русской версии это яндекс модули. В общем это навязывание их техподдержки и браузера (можно отключить в расширенной установке).
Модули яндекса навязывает и при обновлении программы. Учтите этот момент. Спасибо.
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Поддержка была добавлена в версии v0.3.9.

Файлы с http://bezsms.org Не снимают галочки

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Файлы с http://bezsms.org Не снимают галочки
Unchecky 3 роки тому
Проблема исправлена в версии 0.4.

CCleaner installs Avast

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In the newest update for Ccleaner the Checkbox for avast antivirus remains checked

Unchecky 12 місяців тому

Support for the new CCleaner version was added in Unchecky v1.2.