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I had an issue with AVG, so I uninstalled it, and then reinstalled the latest version, 18.08.4084.0, of AVG AntiVirus Free from https://www.avg.com/download. This is a fresh install, and it prompted me to install Google Chrome as seen here:

Here is the report from the Unchecky Info Tool. Please look into having Unchecky act on this checkbox also.

Sorry, I don't think that screenshot came through on the last post:

Actually, I've had Unchecky uncheck boxes on CCleaner from v5.15 to v5.19. However, today when I downloaded from FileHippo and ran the installer for v5.24.5841, it had the box checked for Google Toolbar. I was surprised, because I'm so used to seeing the boxes unchecked. I can certainly uncheck it manually, but wanted to add my plea to update it, as I think Unchecky is an awesome program and I enjoy seeing the boxes already unchecked.

So CCleaner did have a box to check to not Install the Google Toolbar, and had separate links for T&C and PP, but <sarcasm>I'm outraged that I had to move my mouse that terrible few inches to uncheck the box!</sarcasm> Perhaps CCleaner heard from actually outraged clients and put the option to not install back on in v5.24.

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